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A Sprinkling of Crumminess

Here’s the story of ridiculous public transport, snow, and a bloody wall.

Has your boss ever pushed you over at work? I mean, fair enough, it was a total accident, but… golly, that really hurt. You see, our ‘office’ is actually a very large garage, double height and everything. The office is off to one side, but we tend to store boxes in the workshop. And on this particular day, there were 20 boxes in there with 50,000 newly printed menus inside. The thing is, it’s a garage. With a huge garage door that vehicles pass through to get inside where we wrap them and stick things to them. And on this day, along with all the menus, there was a taxi in there. And it’s not the world’s widest garage. There was enough room for the car, the boxes against the wall and one person to squeeze between the two to lift said boxes and carry them through the huge open garage door to the waiting van outside. The boss, however, felt as if he could squeeze between the boxes, the car and me, trying to pick up two very heavy boxes. Turns out, he couldn’t. And so I went flying into a breezeblock wall, taking most of the skin off my knee and my fingers. That wall used to be white. It’s now a lovely shade of red. In case you’re wondering if this was the same hand and knee I injured before Christmas, when I had a very nasty fall… nope, it was the other hand and knee. So my 2018 is getting off to a great start…

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