The Wonderment of Friday Awardykins


Those of you who know what day it is, which, undoubtedly, is literally some of you, will be staring at the screen wondering, “Oh God, what’s that fool up to?” It’s not the weekend yet there’s a new post from The Indelible Life of Me. That hasn’t happened in two years. In fact, on many occasions during those two years, you’ve been lucky to get one new post a week from me. And now you’re getting two! Or are you? No. Not really. As you can undoubtedly tell by my incoherent waffling. Mmm, waffles. Oh, wrong waffle. Mmm, nonsense…

Well, here’s the thing. There’s a blog on these intertubes named Life Is like a Box of Wine. Now, I’m not going to lie, I’d never heard of it until around one month ago. Its author left me a lovely comment and quite a large surprise. Now, first of all, it’s a lovely blog. With all the blogs on the internet, it’s hardly surprising we haven’t met before. The nature of the comment was award based. The Versatile Blogger Award. Immediately, I was suspicious. None of those words sums me up. I’m not versatile, I’m not an award and I really don’t constitute myself as a blogger. I like to think of myself as an internet rambler. And ever since when have I been a the? There are people out there who are twice the the I ever will be. To which I forever salute.

Here is the blog of the awardee:

Life Is like Box of Wine

I encourage you to check her out. The blog. Not the auth- oh God, moving on…

I was nominated and in the world of the VBA (the award) that means I’ve won. As long as I do one of these posts. This award happened a month ago, I’d like to point out. I’m very slow at getting around to things. But hey, two years of The Indelible Life of Me and I’ve never won anything. You can hardly blame my reticence. But I’m very grateful for the award and not at all dreading what’s about to happen.

Okey-doke, the rules. One, post this. Check. Two, include link to awardee’s blog. Uh-huh. Now I need to tell you seven things about myself and pick 15 blogs to award the award of this award to. So if you’re blog is in that list, congrats. Now you must go through all this special posting stuff. If you do that, you’ve won. If you’ve already won this particular award, I don’t know what to say. Buy a trophy cabinet, probably. Can I find 15 blogs to nominate? Well, here are the seven things about me:

  1. I post four times a week for three different blogs, on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thereabouts. On those days, after I’ve posted, I attempt to read as many posts from as many of my followers, likers and comment givers as possible. I currently read around 21. That’s about as many as I can manage. I really don’t have anything else to do, not that I’m complaining, because I love to read each one of those blogs. So I do have 15 to pick. It’s still difficult, though.
  2. As mentioned, I have three blogs that sort of merge into one for me. One big happy family. With my second blog, To Contrive & Jive, a blog with a name I’ve now completely forgot as to why I gave it that name, I end each post with the word ‘Ciao’. Around the time the blog hit eight months old, I realized I was spelling ‘ciao’ wrong. It’s now rectified, but every day I wonder if anyone noticed.
  3. Since all my blogs have really long and pointless names, I give each one of them nicknames. The initials of this blog, The Indelible Life of Me, spell TILOM. Even nicknaming it TILOM, pronounced till-lom, got a tad tedious after a while. I now call her Tilly. I sometimes forget what she’s really called. I have a terrible memory. What am I doing again? Ah yes, marbles. No wait, that’s what I’ve lost. Hah. Comedy gold…
  4. I work very hard on my blogs. I create all the headers in their entirety by myself. My third blog has gone through four headers in just over a year, my second has gone through 15 in one and a half years and this one has gone through 16 in two years. I’m never happy with them. The shortest lifespan for a header on Tilly lasted only 27 minutes. I’m a very fidgety person.
  5. Not blog related, huh? I drink so much water that my body has created a natural immunity to the 4 AM ‘call of the toilet’. My body hasn’t waked me up to go to pee in over 17 years. I’m sure it’s immunity to the copious amounts of water I consume.
  6. I cried when my goldfish died. Poor thing. She was ten years old. I was 18. What? She was my only friend. Still is. I miss the sound of her flopping onto my chest of drawers as she regularly made her break for freedom. She got quite close to the window once. Sort of belly-flopped her way half-way across the room. Why does everyone try to get away from me? Sniff, sob, sniff…
  7. I once foiled a bank robbery.

One of those seven statements and facts about me isn’t true. Bet you can’t guess which one.

Since I’ve waffled on for far too much time, I’ll get on with my nominations. By that, I mean award winners. I’m doing all this now, by the way, so that when Tilly hits 100 posts in a few weeks, something I’m very proud of for a once weekly blog, I’ll have something to show for it. And because I’m incredibly grateful. Apologies if you already have the award. These are blogs I like. No idea if they fit the mantle for ‘versatile blogger award’ but hey ho, who cares? It was extremely difficult to pick just 15, but here we go. Onwards…

  1. Anonymous Tales In Montreal
  2. Bucket List Publications
  3. Cancer Killing Recipe
  4. Happy Little Somethings
  5. Hasty Words
  6. Hiking Photography
  7. Hollis Plample
  8. Live Life Love Bacon
  9. Ray Ferrer – Emotions On Canvas
  10. Sethsnap
  11. Stephen Liddell
  12. Talin Orfali
  13. The Things I See Up Here
  14. The War In My Brain
  15. Toemail

All those blogs in that list are really worth a look. That’s all I need to say, really. Just visit them, please. Thank you.

If you’re nominated, you’ve won. Visit The Versatile Blogger Award blog here and check out the rules, do one of these posts, nominate others, then you’ve won, so forth, so forth, etcetera, etcetera. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take too long.

I mean, it took me a month but that’s because I’m a flaming idiot.

Anywho, until the weekend, when my next normal once weekly post will go up, providing I can think of something to write, I’ll bid you adieu.

Toodle-pip, darlings :|:

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