The Springwatch-Leprechaun Coefficient.

Hello, and welcome to another instalment of Dullwatch. It’s kinda like Springwatch but instead of Kate Humble and Bill Oddie, it’s me and a Goody nobody wants to punch. I got my Springwatch on this week. Oh yes, I took the unusual step to head outside. Oh, and Springwatch for those of you outside the UK is a rather complicated show to explain. Basically, they watch spring. Oh, it wasn’t that difficult after all.

There it was. Afore my eyes lush rolling green fields. Silent winds and freezing heat. The pitter-patter of sounds of playing children on the horizon and an ethereal glow hovering like a fine mist in the spring air. Time as still as a heartbeat on the site of first love. Beautiful yet chaotic. Exciting yet nonchalant. It was a symphony to the senses. I kind of just floated away. Even among the harsh sounds of the industrial revolution building and creating exciting new areas and exciting new layouts. Simply gorgeous. Even when chasing a two year old in 16 degrees Celsius heat (in the Sun), it still felt like a magical place to be. It was a park. Just the same as many in this country, but to me, on that day, it was so much more. There was nothing all too special about it. Well, apart from the fact that Captain James Cook was born literally right there in that park. He’s a legend. He once tried to take the King of Hawaii hostage. It didn’t end well. Only a northerner…

I liked my trip to the park. It was very refreshing. I got a good workout running around. I also got a rather delightful bacon and sausage sandwich in a huge bun for only £2.80. And it was so nice. And I got to see some goats. I can’t remember the last time I saw a goat, but I’m pretty sure that I would’ve been just as creeped out by them then as I was at the park. Their irises are rectangular and wavy. They don’t look normal. All the little children looked really scared by them. Probably why, and this is 100% true, the child I was looking after poked one of the goats in the eye. Not that I’m encouraging that, but in case you’re wondering, goats really aren’t bothered what you do to them. They don’t care what they eat and they don’t care if you poke them in the eye. Just thought I’d let you know.

I also tried my hand at gardening this week. Yes, gardening. It’s the manliest outdoor pursuit to be taken on by man since the hunting of the love children of leprechauns and witches was made illegal in 1976. We called the new freakish love children species ‘leeches’ or, colloquially, ‘Little Mandelsons’. I miss those guys. But at least now we can garden without fear of being mobbed by the recalcitrant buggers.

I was planting, erm, plants. It was awfully relaxing and I got a slight tan. Mind you, being English, a 30-watt bulb would do that job quite nicely. I’m quite proud of my efforts. The garden looks real pretty. That’s until either the foxes, moles, birds, cats, dogs or badgers that plague us tear the plants to pieces. I think in the event that happens, the plants would want me to avenge them.

I’m not going to end this week’s post in the usual manner. As the keen eyed observers among you have probably noticed, The Indelible Life of Me turns one-year-old this week. Since I don’t post on weekdays, I was going to leave the main milestone celebration for the next new post on the weekend. Whilst I still plan to do that, I just couldn’t let the actual day go by unnoticed. So there is a little something that will appear on the Home Page only, on Wednesday. As a result, those following won’t get an email update. Obviously, comments are disabled on the Home Page and the content won’t be on the Archives Page, so any thoughts you’d like to express you’ll have to keep in mind until the next new post. I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask if you have any thoughts about the layout and design of my sites. If you have any thoughts about this site, please leave a comment in the usual place. Anything. As long as it’s constructive. I’m always striving to make this site easier to use and look at. I create all the content, manage and run all three of my sites by myself, so I do need some help now and again. So I’ll see you on Wednesday. Home Page only, remember.

‘I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse’, said the late president, governor, radio, film and television actor Ronald Reagan.

Peace Out :|:

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