Post XXI

Don’t Listen To The Madman.

I’ve just finished fixing my computer. It wasn’t very well. I hit it a few times and that seemed to do the trick. I do it with my television as well, and my music player. This means either I have a wonderful gift of bringing technology back from the brink of annihilation or I’m useless at buying decent technology. I try my hardest to get a good deal. It’s hardly my fault if my outrageous flirting with the employee didn’t work. If I were a girl, it would. I still maintain that’s sexist. But it’s sexism on top of sexism. I don’t think that word will last much longer. This argument didn’t wash with the judge at my trial. I thought this proved my point.

I’m surrounded by technology but please don’t rob me. Televisions, music players, tablets, laptops, DVD’s and a thing to play them, a radio and some other, more private stuff. Everyone in the western world has access to these things. I’ve never denied how lucky I am, I don’t think anyone should. I don’t feel guilty, though. I’ve been to Africa. They’re happy. Other things make them happy. Simple things. I was thinking about this the other day looking through my Africa photos and it got me thinking about when my life was devoid of technology. I may only be 21 years, 2 months and 28 days old, but I spent my childhood free of the mechanical shackles.

How I came to accumulate so much is primarily because I’m a hoarder. Not in the medical sense, obviously, I just keep everything. Even parking tickets. I stuck it on my wall. Some call me ‘nuts’, I prefer ‘quirky’. I was given a television all those years ago. I then got a bigger one, and so on. But then I needed a DVD player. Ooh and a Freeview. But what about when there’s nothing on? Okay, I’ll get a radio. I like music. But what about when I’m on the go? A CD player, later a music player. Oh damnation, my computer crashed. I’ll get a new one with an external hard drive. Oh how I wish I had a way to access the internet quickly. Ooh, tablet computer’s you say Well, I already have a PC, but it cannot hinder having two. I don’t have a cell phone, though. I don’t have anyone to call, anyway. I paid for all of this and I use all of this, so it’s practical. I think everyone has more than they realize, but not a day goes by when I don’t remember the 90s. I had none of this.

I remember first using the internet. It was in July 2001. I’d never even used a computer, before. I remember typing and becoming familiar with it quite easily because, and I kid you not, I was quite familiar with using my typewriter. What? What kid in the 90s didn’t have a typewriter? They were all the rage. I loved writing science-fiction stories back then, I still do, I hope to have one published one day and I needed something to write them on. We couldn’t afford a computer until 2004. It amazes me that it wasn’t that long ago. That excitement of getting this behemoth and all the arguments it created. Using Google for the first time. Just amazing technology – I had the world at my fingertips. Now it’s so easy and we all take it for granted. I don’t. I remember going home on that summer afternoon and walking through that front door and telling my mum and dad about this amazing machine that I’d been on. Make’s me sound like a 60-year-old. It’s remarkable that it was so few years ago.

I remember the first television I got. It was in 2005 because they were too expensive before then. Just the texture of the remote control, the feel of the buttons. A massive smile marooned on my face. I remember when I got my music player in 2007 and it was the first touch screen I’d ever seen and held, and I just couldn’t believe that touch was making it work.

Every decade in my life, which is two (not many more like I made it sound), something has defined it. The 90s was a childhood running about in fields, playing soccer and imagination creating exciting adventures. I spent my time reading and writing. I had no video games and no one I knew did. Those years were brilliant. I remember trying to learn how to ride a bike and learning how to swim. I failed miserably at both of those things and I don’t care, because my memories of trying are filled with laughter. The 2000s brought a technology age right into my lap. My life is easier now and so much better and it was filled with just as much laughter. I wonder what the 10s will bring.

I suppose I appreciate the contrasts in the world because I remember the contrasts in my life. I remember both halves of the coin. I wish I had more of what was, rather than what I have now, and I regret to a degree losing that. I try to end on a message, and although it is right to appreciate what we have, and what we will have, I think my message is this. Try to hold on to what made you happy in the past because it’ll make you happy in the future, and so many of us move with the times that we forget, wrongly, myself included, to do that. But when I did, my smile and laughter meant so much more. And isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? No, wait, that’s not right.

Peace Out :|:

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